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Prolapse, its causes, effects and treatment

What is Prolapse?

Prolapse is the condition which occurs during pregnancy or after

parturition in which the parts of uterus come out of vagina.

Symptoms of Prolapse

Prolapse in simple terms is the ejection of parts of uterus through vagina. So prolapse is observed, there can be chances of infection because of prolapse resulting into high fever, in some cases bleeding is also observed during prolapse, animals might go unconscious because of blood loss. The prolapsed parts of body might get injured because of environmental factors. Heart rate and respiratory rate of animals increases. Immediate treatment is very necessary in these cases as the bleeding and infections above a certain level can be fatal.

Causes of Prolapse

Uterine prolapse can be caused by various factors like Hypocalcaemia, Prolonged Dystocia, Foetal Traction, Oversized Foetus, Retained Foetal Membranes, Chronic diseases and Paresis. Common causes of vaginal prolapse can be weight and pressure of large uterus also.

Treatment of Prolapse

In order to treat this condition, we should avoid medications. This can be controlled by physical means like making the animal sit on the slope facing downwards so the rear part of animal is against the slope. One more physical means of controlling prolapse is stitching the vaginal opening by the expert veterinary practitioner. But as the stitches are being applied, one must take into consideration the date of parturition as the date is near, the stitches must be removed by the veterinary practitioner which is a very important factor.

Many times, prolapse is observed after the parturition. In these cases, it must be put inside by the veterinary practitioner and it must be sterilised before that. And antibiotics should be used during this process in case required.

Use of LR Pregplus

LR Pregplus is a rich blend of herbs which stimulates the natural secretion of progesterone, prevents uterine contractions during pregnancy thus prevents prolapse. Minerals in LR Pregplus prevent Hypocalcaemia which happens to be one of the major causes of Prolapse. Active phytoconstituents in LR Pregplus act as antioxidants which prevent free radical generation and stress in animals which can be a cause of prolapse. LR Pregplus also provides tonicity to the uterus which minimises the chances of dystocia.

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