LR Pharmaceuticals

LR Tracemi

Glycine Chelated Trace Minerals

LR Tracemi is a unique trace mineral mixture which comes in highly palatable boli form. LR Tracemi is glycine chelated with smaller particle size for maximum absorption and bio availability.

– Boosts oestrous and increases conception rate
– Improves reproductive performance
– Regulates oestrous and maintains pregnancy
– Helps in normal parturition
– Improves overall health
– Boosts haemoglobin level
– Improves muscle tonicity of reproductive organs

Type of Product: Ayurvedic Veterinary Feed Supplement

Packing Size: LR Tracemi is available in 12 Boli pack.

Dosage and Administration:
The recommended dose of LR Tracemi: 1 bolus daily for 10 days.