LR Pharmaceuticals

LR Neuroplus

Unique herbal nervine tonic

LR Neuroplus is a nervine tonic for pets which makes the pets alert and more active. LR Neuroplus repairs nerve damage. It is a brain cell tonic which is effective in neurological disorders. LR Neuroplus works well in psychological stress conditions in pets.

– Reduces pain and inflammation
– Effective in neurological disorders
– Helps in impulse conduction and transmission
– Effective in nervine disorders like hemiplegia, paraplegia and quadriplegia

Type of Product: Ayurvedic Veterinary Feed Supplement

Packing Size: LR Neuroplus is available in 200 ML bottle

Dosage and Administration:
The recommended dose of LR Neuroplus for puppies and kittens: 5 ML twice a day
The recommended dose of LR Neuroplus for adult dogs and cats: 7.5 to 10 ML twice a day