LR Pharmaceuticals

LR Milkplus

Herbal galactagogue

LR Milkplus is a herbal galactagogue which acts on three reasons of less milk yield. Milk production is generally compromised because of calcium deficiency or hormonal imbalance or emotional stress caused after death of calf. It reduces calcium deficiency, regulates hormonal imbalance and improves emotional condition of animals resulting in long term growth in milk yield. It has long lasting effect of 90 days after completion of complete dosage. It reduces the oxytocin dependency of animals. It increases milk yield and improves fats as well as SNF.

– Improves fat content
– Supports milk let down
– Relieves stress
– Helps in conditions like Hypogalactia, agalactia
– Improves post mastitis milk recovery and post partum drop in milk
– Reduces oxytocin dependency.

Type of Product: Ayurvedic Veterinary Feed Supplement

Packing Size: LR Milkplus is available in 500 Gram presentation with 10 pouches of 50 Grams each.

Dosage and Administration:
The recommended dose of LR Milkplus for cattle and buffalo is 50 Gram (1 pouch) daily for 10 days.
The recommended dose of LR Milkplus for sheep and goat is 25 Grams daily for 10 days.