LR Pharmaceuticals

LR Flite Spray

Safe and effective herbal ectoparasiticide

LR Flite Spray is the safest and effective herbal ectoparasiticide with effect on adult ticks, egg laying capacity of ticks and egg hatching capacity of ticks. LR Flite spray is completely herbal with antifeedant property.

– Fly repellent property
– Effective against ticks, lice, flies, fleas, bugs, mites, mosquito
– 100% safe and effective

Type of Product: Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine

Packing Size: LR Flite Spray is available in 30 ML packing.

Method of application:
30 ML of LR Flite should be dissolved in 1 Litre of water and sprayed on the body of pets and surrounding.