Animal Feed Supplements

D-Worm syrup

Acidophos bolus
Complete de-worming without stress The phosphorus supplementation
Digelar Powder Biofert bolus
No digestive troubles with Digelar The fertility booster
Eggstra Powder Biofert-org bolus
For Extra Egg production The fertility booster with Organic minerals
FMD Powder Boostozyme bolus
Complete mouth care in FMD Digestive with Herbs & Enzymes
Healofast ointment CalphoVet FS
Healofast : Wund healing made Easy The Calcium & Phosphorus supplementation
Heatquick Powder Calsure-P bolus
Heatquick for Quick heat The Calcium, Phosphorus bolus
Livofit syrup Digelar bolus
Total fitness - Livofit Effective digestion booster
Maggolar Lotion Digestive syr.
Effective in maggoted wounds, all types of wound and skin diseases The strong liver tonic
Milkomore Powder Digestive-Pet
Milkomore – for more-n-more milk Liver tonic specially for Pet
Tympalar Powder Estrova FS
Tympalar – The gas buster Non hormonal estrous stimulant
Mammicure gel Fertiquick FS
Effective tool in sub-clinical & clinical mastitis The Fertility enhancer
Urifem liquid Garbhakit FS
Complete therapy in urinary tract infections Complete garbh care
Vetnika Powder Garbharaksha FS
Fever – the effective care For effective garbh raksha
Urifem Powder Garmai FS
Effective therapy in urinary tract affections Effective estrous stimulant
Heengsol Syrup Heatoquick powder
Heengsol – the liquid gas buster Non hormonal estrous stimulant
Recogen Lotion Multitone Syr.
For fast recovery from wounds & skin affections Effective antistress & immunostimulant
    FDA Approved
Effective antistress & immunostimulant for Pet
Tablet section Neuroplus Syr.
Capsule section The stronger nervine tonic
Powder section Pepsizyme bolus
Ointment/Lotion section Digestive with Herbs & Enzymes
Syrup section Staliv FS
  The strong Liver tonic
  The Calcium & Phosphorus supplementation
  Toxolivum Syr.
  The effective liver protectant
  Urvara plus bolus
  The strong tool in repeat breeding
  U-tech FS
  Effective uterine tonic
  Uterofit bolus
  Complete uterine care
  Zerotox Syr.
  For zero toxicity