Animal Feed Supplements

LR Flite spray
LR Flite is a found to have lethal effect on egg laying capacity of ticks thus it reduces the popul

Maggolar lotion
The superior penetration power of Maggolar helps the lotion to diffuse deep in muscle and kills the

LR FMD powder
LR FMD powder is the only FDA approved therapeutic agent for FMD oral lesions, Bleeding Ulcers, Sto

LR Maximeat
Maximeat is the cost effective feed supplement which improves general health of animals resulting i

LR Mastinil bolus
LR Mastinil maintains udder health. It is best supportive for quicker rate of cure in subclinical

LR MinMix powder
LR Minmix is a Multimineral and Multivitamin feed supplement which helps for the production as well

LR Digelar bolus
LR Digelar regulates ruminal motility either ruminal stases or hypermotility. Sympotoms may be ent

LR Milkplus
LR Milk Plus stimulates mammary cells for higher milk production. Milk Plus is a non-hormonal galact

LR Pregplus
LR Pregplus is a feed supplement which boosts up the reproductive organs to secrets progesterone hor

LR Heatquick
The anoestrous may be due to any reason, as hormonal deficiency, poor growth of reproductive organ

TraceMi is a combination of Trace minerals, essential Vitamins and herbs. The unique combination is useful for improving reproduction and performance of animals. For unestrous, delayed estrous, weak reproductive performance, repeat breeding The only solution is LR TraceMi bolus