About Us

The golden History of Ayurveda dates back to the history of the Universe. The great Dhanvantari and Nakula, one of the Pandavas, have placed milestones in the use of Ayurveda for welfare of men and animals. The “Hastyayurveda” by PalakapyaMuni and the "Ashwashastram" by Nakula provides the concrete evidence of use of Ayurveda in veterinary practice. The advantages of Ayurveda over the other therapeutic systems are known to all of us and Ayurveda has attracted the research workers all over the world who are rather frustrated by variety of side effects and frequent toxic reactions involved, particularly in the chemical treatment. There is a strong urge for availability of cost effective, reliable, and research Based Ayurvedic veterinary medicines. "Keeping this fact in view, we are pleased to present our range Ayurvedic medicines & feed Supplements to aid field Vets and farmers to improve the health of livestock thereby adding to the National 'Economy too. LR Pharmaceuticals is a team, dedicated to animal health. We have kept the basic concept of Ayurveda in mind, while formulating the products. Our products provide you the advantage of cost effective therapy, efficacy and the added advantage of non-toxicity with 100 per cent safety. Certainly a lot of research is involved in formulation and study of utility of the products in therapeutics. The research activities of LR Pharmaceuticals are not limited to the confined walls of laboratory but the extensive trials have Been conducted on field, under the optimum managemental and nutritional opportunities the livestock can have and which an ordinary farmer can afford to provide. Encouraged by the results of such field trials, the samples were exhaustively tried by field Vets, providing a feedback to us. The result is our proven formulations available to you as the Ideal Ayurvedic Veterinary Products. The research division of LR Pharmaceuticals is supported by energetic sales team which helps us by communicating the feedback from field and helps you in making the products easily available at your doorstep. Dear Veterinarians We are aware of the hard efforts you are putting in treatment of animals and the adverse field conditions wherein you are building the great golden Pyramid of Livestock industry. Your appreciable efforts are now supported by our unique products assuring you good results and economic therapy ultimately leading to satisfaction of livestock owners. 'We all are dedicated to welfare of animals. Let us use the great Indian Ayurvedic Science as the tool for the Benefit of living Beings. 'We are sure a collaboration Between an efficient physician and LR Pharmaceuticals will do miracles in the development of animal husbandry.